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Business Multi-functionals


Let Alberta Computers supply your office with the correct multifunctional device.


We offer various brands of network multi-functional printer devices and provide reliable onsite service for small to medium sized office environments. These environments can vary in print, copy, scan and fax volumes, so we will help you find the best suited solution for you needs for each location whether it’s a small office or a multilevel workplace. Beyond capabilities, we’ll help you determine your office type of print and scan requirements. You may need your staff to have a black and white multifunctional device with finishing options or a full colour solution for your team.  Once we determine your printer volumes and the type of documents to be printed and scanned, understanding your document flow and setting up network configuration is part of our services for your business. We can even set your staff up with mobile printing depending of your multifunctional device of choice.

   Phone Systems


Choosing the right option for your next phone system? We’re here to help.


Slider-3Small businesses face unique challenges when searching for a phone system that supports between 5 – 50 users. You want the features to make you effective at an affordable price point. You also need a system that will help you grow with your business. In other words, value can be of the highest importance for small businesses. You want to be sure you are getting the most for your investment. Can your phone system make you more productive? Will it integrate with your existing network and software systems? With a solid communications foundation you’ll gain more customers and make more sales per customer.

With a solution built around Asterisk, Alberta Computers will allow you to install and run a flexible and state of the art telephone system for you office at an affordable price and optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). Easy to deploy and integrate, Asterisk provides long-term value and investment protection by its ability to quickly and easily add handsets and phone numbers as your business expands and evolves thereby enabling you to handle growth efficiently and economically.

surveillance camera systems

Surveillance Camera Installation

With this Installation Service a professional technician will install your video surveillance system. The Installation Service will cover the labour to mount the camera(s), run all cables from the cameras to the server, setup and configure server software and client devices and make sure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly. We make every effort to be worthy of our clients’ loyalty and trust by consistently providing superior performance and cost-effective video surveillance products.

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